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Preparing for a hurricane -- Tips you need to know.

As we all prepare for the triple threat of Hurricanes & Hurricane Ike coming straight to S. Florida, we want to provide as much information as we can. Also, feel free to email me for our sample: Home Office Recovery Plan. . You need to

Insurance Information - Form to use

As you go to prepare this form, make sure you have all the insurance you need in effect. Check the DATES on the policies! Know your insurance needs and exactly what constitutes coverage. Don’t rely on someone’s interpretation of the policy unless it’s your agents. When questions arise, ask. For example, did you know the following?

Ø Many Homeowners Policies do not cover damage from a flood that accompanies a hurricane/storm.

Ø Windstorm insurance policies are not sold when a storm threatens, so you need to prepare in advance.

Ø There is also normally a 30-day waiting period before a new policy becomes effective.

Ø Once a storm warning has been issued, you cannot get coverage.

A. Record the pertinent information in regard to your insurance policies. List each type of insurance that you have. These include: Homeowner’s insurance, wind insurance, flood insurance, business insurance, renter’s insurance, etc.

Note: Be specific and careful when documenting numbers.

Your Address: _________________________________________________________

City, State, Zip: _________________________________________________________

Insurance Company Name: (#1) __________________________________________

Kind of Insurance (i.e., Business/Home/Wind/Flood/etc.) ________________________

Insurance Address: ______________________________________________________

Insurance Phone: _______________________________________________________

Insurance Agent: ________________________________________________________

Insurance Policy Number: ____________________ Group #: ____________________

Additional Numbers: (Riders, etc.) __________________________________________

Insurance Company Name: (#2) __________________________________________

Kind of Insurance (i.e., Business/Home/Wind/Flood/Rent) etc.) ____________________

Insurance Address: ______________________________________________________

Insurance Phone: _______________________________________________________

Insurance Agent: ________________________________________________________

Insurance Policy Number: ____________________ Group #: ____________________

Additional Numbers: (Riders, etc.) __________________________________________

G.A. Personal Information

This information is critical to your care in the hospital should an event leave you injured and unable to inform others of your prior medical conditions. Often times, most family members are not aware of the exact medication(s) you may be taking and the exact names of your medical condition(s). If you’d like to test this theory, go ahead and ask any member of your family right now what medicines you take. I think you’d be surprised. For those with mental, heart, diabetes, and other conditions, it’s imperative to have this information at the beginning of treatment. You should have a bracelet with your medical condition on it, but we’ve found many don’t.

Name #1: _________________________________________________________

Doctor’s Name #1_________________________________Phone: _____________

Doctor’s Name #2 _________________________________Phone: _____________

Medical Conditions __________________________________________________


Medicines and Dosage instructions:______________________________________________

Allergies: __________________________________________________________________

Blood Type: ________________________________________________________________

Pharmacy Name:__________________________________Phone:____________________

Additional Information: ________________________________________________________


I hope you find these beneficial. Stop by our site for more information.

Diana Ennen, Virtual Word Publishing,

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